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We are proud to present BIO 2021.
The 2021 British Informatics Olympiad

We are now distributing the BIO'2021 first round paper. All schools who registered on or before 29 November were sent the paper on 30 November. New registrations which meet our eligibility requirements will be sent out within three days.

If you have not received an expected response to a registration enquiry or receipt of the paper, and have tried the obvious remedies (including checking your spam folders) please try to contact us using an alternative method to your previous enquiry. Every year we find a small number of school email servers have very aggressive filters which silently drop some external communications.

Please note, if you completed the registration form successfully and saw this confirmation page you details were sent to us and you will not receive any additional confirmation unless you have written to us directly.

Comments to specified individuals:

EKA - You should have received a copy of the paper on 30 November and it has been resent on 7 December, in response to your email. If you do not receive the paper or the direct email addressing your query regarding receipt, please contact us using an alternative email address.

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General information can be found through the BIO Index, including:

The 2021 British Informatics Olympiad