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The British Informatics Olympiad - Entry Form

If you are a teacher in a school or college wishing to enter students for the 2021 British Informatics Olympiad, please use this form to send us your details before 12 January 2021.

Eligible students interested in entering the BIO should contact the head of IT at their school - please do not use this form.

For more information on eligibility, see the BIO rules.

If you have any problems filling in this form, please contact the organisers.

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer please note: avoid pressing the enter key whilst filling in your details as this automatically submits the form. If this happens, just use your browser's back function to continue typing in your data. Use the tab key or mouse to jump between fields.

If your application meets our eligability requirements and you have provided the required contact details, you will be sent a copy of the exam paper on 30 November (for registrations received by 27 November) or within three days (after 27 November). In previous years we have had several problems with school email servers deleting the paper and in some cases the accompanying email, without informing the intended receipient that this had been done. Please contact the organisers if you do not receive the paper.


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To enter BIO 2021, please send this form by the 12 January 2021.
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