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The British Informatics Olympiad is
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(New!) March 2018 The final of the BIO 2019 is taking place this weekend at Trinity College, Cambridge. The questions are available online.

3 December 2018 We are now distributing copies of the BIO 2019 first round paper. Registrations meeting our eligibility requirements received prior to 3 December should receive the paper today. Registrations after this date should receive the paper within three days. In previous years we have had several problems with school email servers deleting the paper and in some cases the accompanying email, without informing the intended recipient that this had been done. Please contact the organisers if you do not receive the paper.

November 2018 Registration for BIO 2019 is now available. This year the first round can be set any date from 3 December (2018) to 11 January (2019).

8 April 2018 The final of the BIO 2018 took place this weekend at Trinity College, Cambridge. The questions are available online.

March 2018 We will be distributing certificates for participation in BIO 2018 after the national final, in the second week of April.

Founded in 1995, the British Informatics Olympiad (BIO) aims to encourage students to take an active interest in information technology, and to allow them to meet and exchange ideas, through a challenging competition in computer programming.

The BIO information pack gives a quick link to find out more about the BIO. Many other countries run competitions like the BIO, including the All Ireland Programming Olympiad (AIPO) for students in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

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